Here are all files available from Frome for download!


The zip includes three colour variations (rename the file you want in the game to 'FP Brittany' - remember they overwrite each other, furfiles and a note from Bekki regarding the breed.

There appeared to be an error with the original file, 
so this has been re-converted form the original dalmatian file.
There are four different overwriting files and a brindle furfile included.
Exchange files as needed (the one named FP Bullmastiff in the game is the one that will

Bull terrier
There appeared to be a problem with the original file, 
so this has been re-converted from the original Dalmatian.
Comes in 14 colours with other minor variations.

Cardigan welsh corgi
Comes in ten colour variations.

Dogue de Bordeaux
Comes in four colours.

English pointer

Includes 20 colour variations.

Flat coated retriever
Includes two colour variations.

Golden retriever

Includes two colour variations. There was an error in this file which caused the tongue to be grey and textureless, which I have fixed.


Comes in different shades.


This is the first version, before the tail was made smoother.
Comes in four colours.

Comes with different minor variations.

Shiba inu

Includes a furfile. A SCP error has been fixed.
Includes five colour variatios.

Thai ridgeback dog
Includes six colour variations.