We've all been there. You've got your eyes set on a fantastic breedfile and go to download it, but the site is gone. Drat! What to do now?! 
Hopefully, this site can be of help! Lost And Found, or LaF for short, is a site run by
Nova and Umz, with plenty of help from various people, where PKC-accepted breedfiles are stored when the original site and owner are gone. The site has been up and running since 2006 and will remain as long as is needed! LaF only accepts for PKC-accepted files, sorry. Most are available in unibreed format to save space and make it easier for everyone!

How are files listed?
Files are listed under the site names. Each site has its own page, with pictures, perhaps notes when needed, and of course a download link.

All files are posted here in the belief that the original hexer is not around anymore and/or is unable to keep them for download on his/her site, and with good intentions only. If the original hexer does not wish to have the file(s) up here, contact us and we'll take it/them down. We take no credit for the hexing of the files and will leave them in their original state, the exception being converting them to unibreed format and in rarer cases fixing errors that may cause them to not work correctly, and/or in very rare cases, we may not have been able to find the original breed but have instead had to use a file with - for instance - different colour variations. 

Most recent updates
October 5, 2016: All PKC accepted Supermuffin files have been added. If you have any missing files, please send them to rivaspetz@yahoo.com. Elf didn't get access to the gmail account. If you convert to Unibreed, take a couple photos merged together would be most helpful and get the file up on the site faster.

With the closing of Geocities, many breed-hosting sites have gone down. If you have a breed that was previously on a Geocities site that is now gone, we'd greatly appreciate if you'd like to submit it. We know many files are owned by people out there, and we'd hate for the files to gradually be lost in computer crashes and reformats. If they are hosted here, everyone who wishes can download them! :)